USA Postcard Size Guidelines

What is the standard postcard size? This is an important question to answer if you are going to mail out a lot of cards. If you use the letter rate, the maximum postcard size is 5.875 inches by 4.125 inches. If you use the priority mail, the maximum postcard is 4.25 inches by 5 inches. The USPS also requires a landscape layout for the back. A 6-inch by 11-inch postcard is a perfect size for both types of mail.

and What size are postcards? The standard size is 3.5 inches wide by five inches long by 0.7 inches thick. The thickness of a postcard is a factor to consider. A6-sized postcards are considered thin. They are usually printed on a sturdier material. Some are more than twice as thick than this. If the card is not rectangular, the maximum postcard size is 4.5 inches by 5.5 inches by 7.5 inches.

What is the standard postcard size?

As long as the postcard is square, it will be a proper size. However, you can also send special shapes and sizes, which may not be accepted by the postal service. The standard postcard size is 3.5 inches by 5.5 inches by 7.5 centimeters. The USPS considers all other formats as “letter-sized”. You can order the same size or choose a unique shape, so make sure you know the standard for your mail.

When designing a postcard, it is essential to think about the information you want to convey. A small card is a great way to tell someone a special announcement. A larger one can promote a big event. If you’re a new business, a smaller one can be a great way to advertise a new product or service. You can send out several small postcards. If you’re promoting a new company, a bigger post card size can be the perfect way to attract potential customers.

There is no standard postcard size. For example, a postcard can be either square or rectangular. There are two types of postal service. In the US, the standard size is four inches by six inches. A rectangular postcard is a 4.85″ by five-inch card. If you’re a small business, a square-inch card can be used. You can also print it in any color. It’s also possible to send a large-sized postcard using a letter-size envelope.

In the US, the standard postcard size is six inches by nine inches. Its dimensions are 6.125 inches by 5.5 inches. A rectangle is not considered a letter. The postal service considers larger Postcards a letter if they are more than 6″ long. The maximum postcard size is eleven and a half inch. It’s important to note that the standard postcard size is the most versatile. The USPS has guidelines for the size of a letter, a trifold, and a square.

The standard postcard size is a rectangular card 0.007 inches thick. This size is the most popular for mailing postcards. It’s also the most affordable to print. A larger-sized card will receive more attention than a smaller one. There are other differences between the sizes of a standard letter and a postcard. There are many types of postage-service requirements and the standard size for a letter. If you’re not sure what size is right for you, check with your local post office.

Wrapping up

The standard postcard size is defined by the Universal Postal Union. It’s an important question to answer because it’s the most popular and most common type of postcard. It’s best to check the USPS website and contact a USPS-affiliated printer. If you’re not sure, the best option is to have your company’s postal service use its standardized postcard sizes. For instance, EDDM and a half-page card is four inches wide. The latter has a four inch by five-inch width.

The standard postcard size is important if you’re sending a postcard to a business. First-class mail requires a maximum of 3.5 pounds for a 6-inch by five-inch card. Whether it’s a standard or custom postcard, they are the perfect medium for a variety of marketing purposes. There are a lot of advantages to mailing a letter, but it’s better to use a larger standard for a folded card.

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